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Advanced Video Assist is a Los Angeles / San Diego based all digital Video Assist company founded in 2001 by Brett Junod an industry professional. The company provides full HD digital Video Assist / Video Playback services and equipment to productions in the motion picture industry. Our experienced VTR operators are expert Qtake operators that only work with the latest technology and best professional equipment available today. We provide the best solutions to all production and production environments. The company has over 40 years collective Video Assist experience that has been utilized on over 1800 commercials, films and music videos locally here in the greater Los Angeles & San Diego area as well as productions in San Francisco, Las Vegas, Utah, Hawaii, Montana, Louisianna, North Carolina, Brazil and Argentina.

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Advanced Video Assist has been using Qtake HD video assist technology since it was first introduced in 2011 and is now the #1 video assist system on the planet. QTAKE is an advanced software application designed to log, capture, playback, edit and process video output of any motion picture camera. QTAKE HD is the preferred tool of the most wanted video assist operators around the globe and is the most advanced video assist system available today. Instant record and playback, powerful clip database, real-time image processing, intuitive editing, multi-camera support, stereoscopy, Alexa and Red camera meta-data.

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Qtake HD integrates every aspect of modern video assist into the single solution with simple and intuitive non-linear editor, media import and export, realtime overlay with blending, keying and wipe features. HDx2 (Two Camera system) version provides advanced stereoscopy features: live 3D processing, 3D playback and 3D editing. Qtake uses QuickTime-based movie files so you can share the media across QuickTime compatible applications, such as Final Cut Pro. By utilizing the GPU power of modern advanced graphics cards, QTAKE is able to perform intensive image processing in realtime. This includes live composite with realtime keying capabilities. QTAKE features Auto Recording for RED One, Epic, Scarlet and ARRI Alexa using special flags embedded into SDI stream. For all other digital cameras QTAKE provides auto recording based on rec run timecode.

In addition to standard playback controls, we can playback clips with variable speed or create customizable ramps. Add multiple keyframes with speed control to create ramps instantly without rendering. With QTAKE we can prepare the vfx shots with ease. Create realtime 2 layer composite with various blend-modes, blue/greenscreen keying or wipe transition. We can use any two sources for overlay, live or disk. With the On-set Editing we can check the action timing or continuity with the built-in editing tool. QTAKE features intuitive NLE capable of dual-view trimming to help you visually adjust every cut. You can change the fx and speed of each shot on a timeline or use the match-frame feature to find the source shot.